Oct 2017 - Cabot eNews

October's edition of Cabot eNews.

In this edition:

1. RPZ reviews: consultation results
2. RPZ: Proposed extension around Brandon Hill
3. Metrobus update
4. Another Chief Exec resigns from Council...
5. Proposed improvements to A4 Anchor Road/Hotwell Road
6. St Mary's Hospital latest plans
7. Broadmead expansion plans
8. Triangle bar rejected
9. Jacobs Wells Road zebra crossing
10. Clamp down on illegal disabled parking
11. Clean up Bristol harbour
12. Autumn litter Blitz
13. FrANC Annual General Meeting
14. Bristol Harbourside Monday morning social running
15. Local exhibitions

1. RPZ reviews: consultation results

Ward councillors have been shown the results of the summer RPZ
consultations and asked for our input towards the final decision. All
of the other RPZ schemes in the city had clear majority support for
one of the options, apart from the Cliftonwood & Hotwells (C&H) and
Spike Island (SI) schemes, which both had finely balanced returns with
no clearly preferred option of hours and days. (Typical!) This means,
unfortunately, that whatever my advice to the Council, and whatever the
Council chooses to do, it will likely upset plenty of people.

For the C&H scheme, in a shock result the most common response
was for a reduction from the current scheme to just 9-5pm Mon-Fri
operation; although in days of operation this was an extremely finely
balanced result, with more people cumulatively wanting other longer
options. However, the Council has indicated that it will not consider any
options that *reduce* the hours of operation. I am not minded to object
to that decision by the Council, mostly because the breakdown shows most
residents in my Hotwells and Harbourside ward part of the scheme didn't
actually want a reduction. Therefore I recommended to the Council that the
C&H scheme keep the current operating hours/days (the only other option
being an increase), and the two Clifton councillors recommended the same.

For the SI scheme, the results are the most finely balanced of any result
in the city - and no combination of hours or days of operation scored
a majority of responses. The most common response supports keeping the
hours the same as now (9-5pm) but going to 7 days per week, but that is
only narrowly the case. Confusingly, this result is different to that
given in the autumn 2016 consultation to the same question!

However, the numbers also show that the "centre of gravity" or "least
unpopular" option for SI would actually be to extend both hours and
days from the current to 9-7pm and Mon-Sat. Not only do I believe this
would please more people overall, but a large number of residents have
told me their specific problem was the inability to park when they get
home from work because the scheme has already ended for the day. It
would also prevent serious harm being done to some of the harbour
leisure/business venues if the entire weekend's parking was blocked off
for use by residents only. Finally, going to 9-7pm and Mon-Sat operation
would also make the scheme match up exactly with the C&H scheme, which
I think would be of very significant benefit.

Therefore, my recommendation to Transport was for both schemes to
be 9-7pm and Mon-Sat operation. I will report back when the Council
announces its decision.

2. RPZ: Proposed extension around Brandon Hill

A couple of years ago now, under the previous administration, the Council
consulted some streets around Brandon Hill (Berkeley Place, Burton Court,
Jacobs Wells Rd [part of], Lower Clifton Hill [part of], Brandon Steep,
Queens Parade, St Georges Road, York Place) on moving them into the C&H
RPZ scheme. The response was positive, and as recently as early summer,
the Transport Department told me it was intending to do this change
this year.

Now the Council has said it won't now be doing this change, although it
may reconsider it again in future. I'm very annoyed about this (and I know
residents will be too), as this boundary change was agreed long before
the change of administration and subsequent RPZ reviews. The boundary
change was also intended to solve particular problems afflicting the
shops/businesses on St Georges Rd, and I have asked what mitigations
there will be in that regard now.

3. Metrobus update

Notable Metrobus Dates (should be taken with pinch of salt)

* M32 southbound bus lane opens
* Guided Busway work completes
* Bedminster Parade work completes
* City Centre work completes

* Cumberland Road work completes
* Unveiling of brand, logos, buses, iPoint ticket machines
* iPoint ticket machine installation begins

* MetroBus services expected to start

The Council says that the delay for the start from November till January
is due to the new ticket machines: http://tinyurl.com/ycwe32sk

A reminder of last month's news, which is that the 506 shuttle will
continue until Metrobus starts. The contract is flexible to allow it to
extend if necessary, although the drivers themselves may not know the
finish date. Shuttle timetable: http://tinyurl.com/ybqvd7k3

4. Another Chief Exec resigns from Council...

In a shock, Bristol Council has lost its third Chief Executive (CX)
in 16 months: http://tinyurl.com/y8kpvtp5

It is now openly suggested that the Council is in crisis, having lost
17 senior officers in those 16 months: http://tinyurl.com/ybgs2yvm

As a result, the Mayor has decided to simply abolish the CX post, to
save money. This is a controversial move that few Councils try, and the
Labour Party last tried this in 1999-2002, which ended when the Audit
Commission rated the Council "weak" as the city dropped to the bottom
of nearly every performance league table in the country. If that wasn't
bad enough, the new directors will now earn even more than the CX would
have! I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

5. Proposed improvements to A4 Anchor Road/Hotwell Road

Having examined consultation feedback, the Council is now planning to
commence the statutory consultation towards the end of November. There
are some tweaks to the planned bus lanes, but mostly the plans will remain
unchanged. Subject to the outcome of the statutory consultation process,
works on the remaining elements of the scheme are currently planned to
start in February 2018. The report is now available on the Consultation
Hub: www.bristol.gov.uk/consultation

6. St Mary's Hospital latest plans

The latest set of plans for this site is an improvement on previous
schemes. The retention of the historic hospital building and the reduction
in scale are all very welcome. I have continuing concerns about the
"pavilion" - the 3 storey block in the south-west of the site - and have
told the developers this. The siting of a new build block in this spot has
major impact on the residents of Byron Place and Upper Berkeley Place,
and any building here should be moved back and/or stepped-up away from
those houses to limit the amount of overlooking from the higher storeys,
and construction mass, in the vicinity of the retaining wall.

7. Broadmead expansion plans

Residents may be aware of a controversial plan to expand part of Broadmead
with a big new car park that would be accessed via the picturesque
Brunswick Square. At the planning meeting in September, I successfully
passed an amendment to the planning officer recommendation, which was
"The planning committee considers car park access via Brunswick Square to
be unacceptable; and therefore the proposed car park should be reduced,
and possibly moved, or totally eliminated, to allow a more sensitive
alternate solution." The final decision will be made in a few months
when the plans have been revised.

8. Triangle bar rejected

At a planning committee in October I proposed a vote to reject plans to
convert a shop/cafe on Queens Road into a bar/restaurant, and was happy
that this vote was carried. This area already has too many bars and is
blighted by night-time noise and disturbance.

9. Jacobs Wells Road zebra crossing

The Council has considered the consultation results on this zebra
crossing. Transport officers remain of the opinion that the proposed Zebra
pedestrian crossing is necessary, and both I and the Clifton councillors
agree with this. As a result of issues raised during consultation, some
changes were made, including the use of halos on the zebra crossing
will be incorporated into the lighting design - to prevent distraction
to nearby residences.

10. Clamp down on illegal disabled parking

The Council, supported by the Police, is clamping down on misuse
of Blue Badges (disabled person's parking badge) in the city
centre. Bristol residents are encouraged to make sure that they are
aware of the rules and laws surrounding the entitlement and use of
Blue Badges. A comprehensive list of rules about the scheme, which
helps disabled people park closer to their destination, can be found
at www.bristol.gov.uk/parking/where-you-can-park

11. Clean up Bristol harbour

On Sunday 15th October I joined about 30 volunteers to help clean up the
harbour, both on water and on the quayside. Numerous bags of discarded
waste were picked up or fished out of the water. Plastic bottles and
bags, cans and glass, and of course this time of year there is lots of
wood and other plant material.

If you want to help, you can come to their next one: Sunday 19th
November, 2.30pm-4.30pm, meet by the Arnolfini pontoon next to Prince
St Bridge. More info: www.facebook.com/CleanUpBristolHarbour

12. Autumn litter Blitz

Have you ever thought of getting together with your neighbours, family
or friends to do a community litter pick? 16th to 29th October is a
"litter blitz" in the city. Bristol Waste Company have all the things
you will need to do one safely. They can loan you litter pickers,
bags, high visibility jackets and will even arrange to collect the
waste you collect for free. For more info, call 304 9022 or go to:

13. FrANC Annual General Meeting

Friend of Avon New Cut are holding their AGM to elect committee
positions. It is Sunday 5th November, at the Education & Meeting
Room at The Underfall Yard, Cumberland Road, BS1 6XG; from 2:00pm to
3:00pm. Details about this event and other FrANC events that are being
organised for the remainder of this year can be found in the News &
Events/Latest News section of the FrANC Website: www.franc.org.uk

14. Bristol Harbourside Monday Morning Social Running

Run with "Better on a Monday" - led by local runners, the run is
open to all abilities and perfect for those looking for some daytime
social running. It's not competitive - no one is left behind. Weekly on
Mondays 9.30am, join them on the harbourside at Mardyke Steps across
from The Mardyke pub, at 9:25 for a 9:30 start. The run lasts for
about an hour finishing roughly around 10.30. Running will be mainly
on road on the harbourside circuit, towpath and Ashton Court. More:

15. Local exhibitions

* Kim Yong-Ik, "I Believe My Works Are Still Valid" - Spike Island and
Korean Cultural Centre UK present partner exhibitions by South Korean
artist Kim Yong-Ik (b.1947), the artist's first solo presentations in
Europe. Exhibition continues to 17 December at Spike Island