8 May 2017 - Metro Mayor result...and General Election called too!

Half-way through the Metro Mayor campaign, PM Theresa May stunned the nation by calling a snap General Election. Before the General Election was called, all the experts were predicting Lib Dem local election gains across the country; but since then the UKIP vote has collapsed towards the Conservatives, and the Labour Party has been boosted a bit as well. In Bristol this overshadowed the Metro Mayor election, changing the dynamic in the election dramatically.

As a result, on May 4th, what was expected to be a close Lib Dem/Tory result across former Avon was in the end was a very close 3-way result: Con 27%, Lab 22%, Lib Dem 20%. The result didn't change in the "second round", which the Conservatives won. Although the result was a huge increase in the Lib Dem vote since 2015, I really think that if the we Lib Dems had just squeaked into second place instead of Labour, we would have won in the second round as we are more "vote transfer friendly" than Labour under Corbyn. In Bristol the Lib Dems moved back into second place behind Labour, and they did in Bristol West constituency as well. This gives us a good platform to return to our historic position as the main challenger to Labour in Bristol.

We will hopefully hear in due course what infrastructure plans the new Metro Mayor, Tim Bowles, has for the wider area.