2 May 2017 - Thursday is election day!

No, not the General Election - that's June 8th! Thursday is Local Election day, and most of former "Avon" has an election to pick the regional "Metro Mayor".

This election was already important because it will determine strategic priorities such as transport and housing in our area. But since Theresa May called the General Election, these elections are more important than ever, because what happens in them will set the narrative for the General Election just 5 weeks later in many crucial marginal seats across the south-west.

As expected for a region that stretches from Chew Valley to the Cotswolds, the Metro Mayor contest has unfolded as a battle between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives. The Conservatives assumed they had this in the bag, but they have chosen an inexperienced candidate and didn't plan for the strength of Lib Dem resurgence in the Westcountry. This is a real problem for them, because while everyone knows that the Labour Party aren't going to win any seats off the Conservatives this time, there is a serious chance that the Lib Dems will. The Conservatives at all costs want to avoid any narrative of Lib Dems beating them!

In this election you get a first preference vote and a second preference vote, like you did with the Bristol Mayoral vote. The top two candidates in the first round will have second preference votes of the other candidates added to their totals, to see who is the final winner.

All the independent betting companies list this contest as neck and neck between the Lib Dems and Conservatives, with the others out of it. So if you can't give your first preference vote to us Lib Dems, I urge you to at least give your second-preference vote to us, so that your vote might count for us in the second round.

Our candidate is Stephen Williams. He has served the region as a councillor for harbourside, and was a Bristol MP for 10 years. He's also served as a Minister in the government. You can read his manifesto here:


Cllr Mark Wright