Jan 2017 - Harbour power-boat racing again?

The Mayor wants to see power-boat racing return to Bristol harbour, and is exploring the idea with a promotions company who want to deliver the event. The races were mostly during the 1980s when the docks were derelict and very different to today, but they were stopped in 1990 after the 7th driver was killed and organisers wouldn't risk the reputation harm of more deaths. The course was so dangerous that the racers nicknamed it the "widow-maker".

Cllr Mark Wright says, "I'm not a supporter of this proposal. The Mayor needs to explain how he thinks an event like this fits with Bristol's Green Capital aspirations; and he also needs to consider what the reputational harm to the city might be if there were more deaths."

"But my main concern is the huge disruption this will cause for those who live or have businesses on the water. The harbour would have to be cleared of boats for a week around the event, which would likely be in high summer. This would mean moving dozens of residents who now live in boats and businesses that now operate on the water. The Mayor should consider whether it is fair to deliberately clobber some businesses in order to benefit others. Personally, I think the races were a spectacle of the past that should stay in the past."