Oct 2016 - Theresa May in, Corbyn returns

With speedy efficiency - for which they should be commended - the Conservative Party has installed Theresa May as the country's second ever woman PM.

The Labour party, in contrast, had a very long and drawn out leadership battle that has resulted in huge splits in the party and a great deal of bitterness, with 3 Bristol councillors being suspended from the party and Labour losing its majority on the Council as a result!

Cllr Mark Wright says, "It's a crazy time in politics: the Conservatives turn hard to the right under Theresa May, the Labour Party turns hard to the left under Jeremy Corbyn. Fortunately you can rely on the Lib Dems to be a voice of reason and sanity in all this chaos. I've had so many voters say to me that people are now realising how we provided stability in government during the Coalition..."

And Lib Dems fighting back!

Since the referendum result, nearly 20,000 people have joined the Lib Dems! As the only national party that isn't currently in chaos or changing leader, the Lib Dems are a beacon of stability and common sense while all other parties seem to be losing their minds. Our message is simple: leaving the EU will hurt the economy and we will make the positive case to keep the UK as close as possible to the EU. Don't give up now - join!

Across the country the Lib Dems are having a stunning run of victories in local council by-elections. Voters unhappy with the new right-wing direction of the Conservatives and put-off by Labour's current un-electability, are turning back to the Lib Dems and have given them a whopping 20 by-election gains in just 4 months!