Oct 2016 - All change in British politics...

It has been the most momentous summer in British politics for generations. This summer, the EU referendum was won by "Leave", PM David Cameron resigned, and the Conservative Party installed Theresa May as new PM.

Hotwells and Harbourside councillor Mark Wright says, "I am absolutely gutted about Brexit, and I suspect most Hotwells & Harbourside residents will be - as the ward voted by a majority of 3 to 1 to remain in the EU. The coming years will be very turbulent and uncertain with very serious economic shocks likely, and cool heads are required on all sides to guide the country through very choppy waters with dangerous rocks in every direction. The options for the country to take now are complex, and we don't know what direction the public wants to take. In my opinion we should look at every option to stay as close as possible to the EU and to stay in the Single Market."

The Lib Dems respect the vote of the UK public, and do not want to re-run the referendum. We also believe that the leave process should not be triggered until Parliament has debated the process properly, and it needs to be wrapped up in the appropriate proper legislation for scrutiny. The public should have their say on the final negotiated deal with the EU - either in an election or a referendum. If an election is called before exit is triggered, the Lib Dems will campaign on the platform of not exiting at all.