Sep 2016 - Cabot eNews

September's edition of Cabot eNews.

In this edition:

1. Tour of Britain - Bristol section this weekend
2. Bristol Open Doors Day this weekend
3. Review of Spike Island RPZ Scheme
4. Avon crescent consultation
5. Proposed change to Brandon Hill parking
6. Consultation launched on Bristol's supported bus services
7. Bristol Waste Company to run city's waste services
8. Bristol Ageing Better grants
9. Vote for Friends of Brandon Hill
10. Kebab trailer licence objection
11. Brandon Yard Gasworks development plans drop-in
12. How we lost the European Union

1. Tour of Britain - Bristol section this weekend

Bristol is hosting a whole-day stage of the Tour of Britain road race on
Saturday 10 September, the penultimate day of the event. The city is the
only venue in the country to have a double-stage and the outcome of the
Tour will likely be decided during the Bristol stage. The Tour's visit
is set to be one of the biggest sporting events in Bristol's history
and ITV will be broadcasting live coverage of the event during the day.

Both stages will follow the same route - starting on The Downs before
travelling over the Suspension Bridge, down Rownham Hill, past Ashton
Court, along the Avon and back round the Harbour before heading up the
final climb on Bridge Valley Road. Inevitably, a number of roads around
The Downs, the Avon Gorge and the Cumberland Basin will be closed for
some or all of the day. This includes the Clifton Suspension Bridge, large
sections of the Portway and the entire length of Cumberland Road, all of
which will be closed from 5am to 8pm on Saturday 10 September. Residents
of Hotwells & Harbourside will experience the full effect of disruption
from this, and I strongly advise planning in advance! More info:

Full details and a road closure map are on the council website:

2. Bristol Open Doors Day this weekend

Bristol Doors Open Day gives people a chance to look behind closed
doors and discover the city's hidden treasures. It is organised by
the Architecture Centre and gives everyone the opportunity to explore
fascinating buildings, join guided tours and enjoy a range of events
- all free for the day. This weekend on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11
September tens of thousands of visitors are expected to explore the
81 festival venues. Due to the Tour of Britain bike ride on Saturday
11th, visitors should take their time, plan their day allowing
plenty of time if they want to go somewhere specific. Find out more:

3. Review of Spike Island RPZ Scheme

The long overdue review of the Spike Island RPZ is to start on 12th
September. The Residents Parking Team would welcome your feedback by
completing the online survey at:    (Note
that the page wont go live until 12th September.)

If you would prefer to complete a paper copy, telephone the Residents
Parking Team on (0117) 922 4999 and they will send one to you. The survey
runs from Monday 12th September to Friday 21st October.

4. Avon crescent consultation

Many residents in H&H ward will soon receive consultation forms on the
proposed Avon Crescent traffic re-routing scheme. As part of the Metrobus
changes, Avon Crescent is already scheduled to become one-way, southbound,
with northbound traffic re-routed about 200m further around under the
Cumberland Basin slip-road. There is no option about this happening -
it was signed off 3 years ago by the previous Mayor and works are already
under way.

However, an additional option has been proposed, which would see
the southbound traffic also re-routed along the same path as the
northbound traffic. This would lead to Avon Crescent itself becoming a
no-through-road, which would be beneficial because the Metrobus changes
will see a cycling route and Metrobus passengers all crossing Avon
Crescent on a busy curve. The future Maritime Centre being developed at
the Underfall yard will also add more pedestrians into the area.

I have always supported this scheme, because half the traffic (northbound)
will already be forced to take this new route, so making the southbound
traffic take a 200m longer route is a small price to pay for a much safer
crossing for walkers, Metrobus passengers, and cyclists. The consultation
period will run from 9th to 30th September 2016. From the 9th you can
respond here:

You may find road-map on the Council's delivered leaflet slightly tricky
to work out exactly where traffic routes are. If so, try this map which
has extra dots on for guidance:

5. Proposed change to Brandon Hill parking

After many years of indecision, the Council is proposing to move Queens
Parade, York Lane and St Georges Rd (from Jacobs Wells roundabout up
to York lane) into Cliftonwood RPZ scheme. This should hopefully go to
consultation in September, and affected residents will be contacted. I
think this will be a positive change and support it because it will give
both local residents and business more flexibility with permits.

In the same area, Queen's Parade and Brandon Steep will be closed to
traffic on 28-30th September for telecommunications works in the roads.

6. Consultation launched on Bristol's supported bus services

Bristol's bus passengers are being invited to give their views on services
financially supported by Bristol City Council. The survey is part of
a review of the 19 bus services across Bristol that the council funds
with subsidy to keep the service alive. One of these routes is the 506
Wessex bus to Spike Island.

The 506 has a very poor record but is still the only permanent bus to
Spike Island and is much needed by the many elderly folk on the island to
make transport connections to the rest of the city. Without this service,
many would be trapped with no public transport at all. I have written to
Transport chief, Cllr Mark Bradshaw, pointing out that the 506 is still
needed until the Metrobus service starts next summer. You can response
to the consultation here:

7. Bristol Waste Company to run city's waste services

Bristol Waste Company (BWC) will be responsible for Bristol's waste
services for the next ten years. This means that all of Bristol's waste
services will be brought together, with BWC responsible for the entire
waste process including collection and disposal. Previously, waste
collection and waste disposal were procured separately. Responsibility
for enforcement will remain with the council, who will work closely with
BWC for prosecutions. BWC is a limited company owned by Bristol Holding
Company Limited, which is a company owned by Bristol City Council. As
part of the agreement they will be required to submit an annual business
plan and their performance will be monitored against a set of performance
measures. Hopefully, there will be minimal disruption to residents...

8. Bristol Ageing Better grants

Do you have an idea that could help reduce isolation and loneliness
among older people? Bristol Ageing Better (BAB) can help you kick-start
it! BAB has committed £250,000 to help kick-start community activities
that will help to reduce isolation and loneliness among older people in
Bristol which will be distributed over the next 4 years. This scheme is
one of the 16 initiatives that make up the BAB programme, funded by the
Big Lottery Fund.

Groups can apply for up to £2,000 for a new activity that is likely
to reduce isolation and loneliness for older people, or for provision
to allow new people to access an existing activity. More info here:

9. Vote for Friends of Brandon Hill

The Friends have been short-listed by the Skipton Building Society
Grassroots Giving 2016 scheme and are one of 25 schemes in the South
West region which have the chance of receiving £500 towards efforts
on Brandon Hill. In order to vote for them just click the link below,
read their application and vote by giving your email address and clicking
'Vote Now'. They will use the money to buy tools for volunteers and plants
for the areas of the hill that they maintain. So please vote for them:

10. Kebab trailer licence objection

I have objected to an application for a kebab trailer on Anchor road into
the small hours of the night. I have always objected strongly to *all*
the burger/kebab-trailers licenses in the city-centre, as they create
generator noise, attract drunken behaviour and anti-social behaviour, and
are a distraction for the police to deal with late at night. There is no
shortage of fast food outlets in the area and there is a strong argument
that allowing trailer vendors who pay no rates to compete unfairly with
venues who pay high rates for their locations, is unfair in principle.

11. Brandon Yard Gasworks development plans drop-in

There will be a public exhibition of the current Brandon Yard Gasworks
plans ahead of a planning application being submitted later in the
Autumn. Venue is Harbourside Pavilion, 1 Hannover Quay, BS1 5JE (above
Spitfire Barbecue restaurant); on Tuesday 13th September, 3-7:30pm. I
objected to the first iteration of the plans and hope they have improved
since then!

12. How we lost the European Union

The country is coming to terms with the referendum vote to leave the
EU. Earlier in the summer I wrote a long article on why I think the
country voted to Leave (which as a Remain voter, I thought was a bad
thing). It's long, but if you have time on your hands, you can read it