Aug 2016 - Cabot eNews

August's edition of Cabot eNews.

In this edition:

1. Victory on community use of The Pavilion!
2. Labour Party U-turn on Low Emission Zone?
3. Prince St Bridge and city-centre congestion
4. New MetroBus bridge for Spike Island
5. Attempt to save Bristol Community Dance Centre
6. City Hall refurbishment complete
7. Neighbourhood Well-being Grants Fund
8. Hotwells and Harbourside ward Forum
9. Public art around the 'Harbour Inlet'
10. Planning Application - 85 Queens Road
11. Metro Mayor consultation nearly over
12. Local policing priorities consultation
13. Doors Open Day: 10-11th September
14. Underfall Yard launches new website
15. Jacobs Wells Community Hub coffee evening
16. New app for planning days out in Bristol
17. Local exhibitions
18. Would you like to help me help you?

1. Victory on community use of The Pavilion!

After a spirited 6-month campaign, The Pavilion on Harbourside is now
available for community use! The Council had indicated it was willing to
compromise back in April, and now it has finally bowed to our campaign -
pressure from local residents, community groups, and the petition I
delivered last month with 226 signatures on. After I delivered the
petition the new Mayor Marvin Rees came and chatted with me and said he
was keen to see a resolution as quick as possible; so thanks go to all
who put in work for the campaign, and also to the Mayor and the Council
for listening to us.

To book The Pavilion or for more details, contact Conference & Events
Tel: 0117 922 4737 -

Hire Charges for Community Groups:

Monday - Sunday 08.00 - 17.00
  £35.00 per half day
  £70.00 per full day
Monday - Sunday 18.00 - 23.00
  £35.00 per session

2. Labour Party U-turn on Low Emission Zone

Just two months after taking office, the Labour administration appears
to have done its first U-turn - on the Low Emission Zone! I was very
pleased when Bristol Labour joined my campaign in calling for an LEZ for
central Bristol, just before the General Election in 2015. At the
February Budget meeting, Lib Dems supported a Green Party amendment to
put £50k towards getting the ball rolling on an LEZ, but the Labour
Party voted it down on the grounds that it "didn't need any money" and
the Council should "just get on with doing an LEZ". Then in March, the
Green Party backed a Lib Dem motion with an LEZ implementation date of
2020, but again Labour gutted that on the grounds that "it wasn't quick
enough", with Cllr Mark Bradshaw saying "Labour run Councils in
Nottingham and Oxford have already introduced Low Emission Zones to help
improve air quality and Bristol can do the same" - a quote I very much
agreed with!

Now Bristol is also Labour run, and Cllr Bradshaw is in charge of
transport again, I submitted a formal question to the new Labour Mayor,
asking him what his timetable for the LEZ was. The Mayor's reply came
last week and was very disappointing indeed. In it, he said "there is no
basis in law for Bristol to enforce a Low Emission Zone", and that we
would have to wait for new Clean Air Zone (CAZ) legislation in
Parliament... Then, "Once the national primary legislation is in place,
the council will be able to move towards making a decision on the nature
of a CAZ or similar." I really think perhaps the Mayor and Cllr Bradshaw
should take a visit to Nottingham and Oxford, who they pointed out to us
in March have already done this under existing legislation!

3. Prince St Bridge and city-centre congestion

Back in May I told residents I had written to the new Transport head
councillor, Cllr Mark Bradshaw, outlining my concerns at the level of
congestion in the centre while Prince St bridge was closed, and while
other roadworks (mostly Metrobus related) were going on, and making it
clear that I didn't support closing Prince St Bridge permanently to cars
because of the congestion caused on Cumberland Rd and elsewhere. I have
had a reply from Cllr Bradshaw, in which he says, "Prince St Bridge will
remain open to vehicles when the refurbishment works are completed." I
am pleased to hear that!

The existing cycling facility over the bridge is already good, and also
the very good new Prince St/Wapping Road cycle-lane will be going in
soon; given these, the cycling facility along that route will shortly be
excellent, and the additional full closure of the bridge would mean
relatively little extra benefit to cyclists, compared to the large
downsides it would cause.

4. New MetroBus bridge for Spike Island

MetroBus will shortly start construction on a new bridge in Bathurst
Basin. The new bridge will run alongside the existing bridge which takes
Commercial Road over the Bathurst Basin at the eastern end of Cumberland
Road, opposite the Louisiana pub. The new bridge will include a new 3.5
metre shared cycling and walking path. This new path will provide the
missing link between the existing paths on Commercial Road and
Cumberland Road. The works on Bathurst Basin will be carried out by
Volker Laser who are also refurbishing Ashton Avenue Swing Bridge as
part of the MetroBus project. Work will start work on the new bridge
this month and finish in April 2017. Unfortunately there is bound to be
some disruption during the works. Please hang in there!

5. Attempt to save Bristol Community Dance Centre

The local Neighbourhood Partnership has granted £5,000 for a study that
will aims to find a way to save Bristol Community Dance Centre on
Jacob's Wells Road from closure. All the partnership's councillors
(including me) are keen that the historic building is not simply sold by
the Council for development, and we backed efforts led by Clifton
councillor, Jerome Thomas, to find a viable business solution to the
current problem there.

6. City Hall refurbishment complete

The Council House ("City Hall") has finally re-opened after undergoing
an 18-month refurbishment as part of Bristol City Council's programme to
work more efficiently and significantly reduce its operational costs.
The refurbishment, which has finished on time and within budget, is part
of the council's "invest to save" Workplace Programme that will realise
£50m savings over the course of the programme. The programme also
includes reducing the council's office estate from 38 buildings to two
city centre hubs at City Hall and 100 Temple Street.

7. Neighbourhood Well-being Grants Fund

The Central, Clifton and Harbourside Neighbourhood Partnership have a
Well-being Grants fund that is open to bids from groups who wish to
deliver projects that bring benefits to the area. Following the last
grants round the partnership has £34,637 remaining in its grants fund in
this year and I would like to encourage as many groups as possible to
apply for the available funds. The guidance, application form and
application deadlines can be found at the following link:

The next application submission deadline is 2 September. The next
Neighbourhood Partnership meeting (when these grants will be decided) is
Tuesday, 11th October, 2016 7.00 pm, at City Hall.

Also, schools, voluntary and community groups and statutory
organisations can apply for grants of between £300 and £10,000 through
the Big Lottery Fund's new "Celebrate" funding programme. More details

8. Hotwells and Harbourside ward Forum

The inaugural Neighbourhood Forum for Hotwells and Harbourside ward is
on Thursday 15 September at 7pm, at The Pavilion  Hannover Quay, BS1 5JE.

9. Public art around the 'Harbour Inlet'

The 'harbour inlet' area is now almost complete, with the new flats at
Invictus and Canons Gate now open. However, several of the developers -
and I'm pointing the finger particularly at Crest Nicholson, but they
aren't alone - have been shirking their responsibilities to finish the
"public realm" around the new flats and public spaces. I have been
working with the Council's public-art office and with the planning
enforcement team to ensure that these last obligations do get finished,
as some parts of the area look shabby without the plants and decoration
that were an integral part of them winning planning permission in the
first place.

It has been a long battle with developers over at least 2 years to get
lighting installed and working, a disabled lift fixed, stonework and
paving installed, and numerous other issues around the Harbour Inlet
resolved properly. The reticent and evasive behaviour of companies that
have made healthy profits from the Harbourside developments is extremely
disappointing and has eaten up a lot of Council time (and mine!) and
public money.

On a related note I have got the Waste department to increase the amount
of bin emptying in the same area during the summer to deal with the new
popularity of the quayside in this now beautiful stretch. On hot
evenings it gets particularly busy!

10. Planning Application - 85 Queens Road

I have objected to an application to open a 300-capacity pub restaurant
on the Triangle, with an entrance within 20 metres of residential
properties. The Triangle is a great venue for restaurants and bars
already, and I feel it needs restraining from ending up like parts of
the centre or Harbourside, which are now very noisy "late night" areas.

11. Metro Mayor consultation nearly over

In June, Bristol Council voted to set up the West of England Mayoral
Combined Authority (MCA), with a "Metro Mayor" to oversee strategic
infrastructure issues. Bath and South Glos councils also backed the
deal. There is a public consultation still running until 15 August:

12. Local policing priorities consultation

A key part of the role of Police Commissioner is to set the Police and
crime priorities for the area in the Police and Crime Plan. The new plan
will cover the period October 2016 to March 2021 with regular updates
during the term. Once adopted, this plan will replace the current one.
The consultation on the priorities, which will run from until 30 August,
is an important part of the process as it enables the Commissioner to
hear your views and be your voice in policing. You can do this online

13. Doors Open Day: 10-11th September

Bristol Doors Open Day is a once-a-year chance to look behind closed
doors and discover the city's hidden treasures. You can explore
fascinating buildings, join guided tours and enjoy a range of events and
activities - all free for the day. Over 80 buildings - large and small,
icons and undiscovered - will open their doors. A quarter of the
programme is new this year, including never before seen places of the
city. More details here:

14. Underfall Yard launches new website

The Underfall Yard has launched a new website, where you can find out
more of the exciting development that's going on there:

15. Jacobs Wells Community Hub coffee evening

Local Harbourside residents may be interested in the next Jacobs Wells
Community Hub coffee evening at Costa Coffee on Cathedral Walk. They
will be meeting on Wednesday 31st August 2016 (18.00-19.00).  This is
after the shop closes to the public - so it will be just local residents
at this event.

16. New app for planning days out in Bristol

Developed through an initiative set up by the council's City Innovation
team, the Tiny Tours app uses open data to provide an easy and quick way
of planning activities with little ones. The app features a variety of
fun activities and ideas for days out in Bristol targeted at families
combined with live travel timings taken from open data made available by
the council. The app makes it easier to organise visits in advance and
on the move. The Tiny Tours app is free to download for Apple and
Android phones and Blue Sparrow Apps already have plans to add more

17. Local exhibitions

Spike Island:

Xavier Antin The Eternal Network, until 18th Sep
* For his first solo exhibition in the UK, French artist Xavier Antin
presents a series of newly commissioned works that take as their
starting point the independent publishing and printing house Beau Geste

Stuart Whipps, Isle of Slingers, until 18th Sep
* Isle of Slingers draws together multiple strands from the work of the
British artist Stuart Whipps in his largest, most comprehensive
exhibition to date.

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery:

"Youth takeover"
* Opening on Monday 8 August, '25 below' offers 14-25 year olds the
opportunity to take part in sessions ranging from creative writing and
street dance to re-imagining the museum through Minecraft.

18. Would you like to help me help you?

In June I delivered the summer edition of Cabot News to 3,000
letterboxes across Hotwells & Harbourside ward with the help of my band
of local helpers. If we missed your door for some reason, you can
download it here:

Delivering so many leaflets is tough work and takes up a lot of our
time. If you would like to help by delivering to a road near you, please
reply and get in touch ASAP - we are always very pleased to have a bit
of extra help!