15 Jun 2016 - EU Referendum!

With the dust barely settled on the local elections, citizens are going to the polls again on Thursday 23rd June for a crucial vote on the future of the United Kingdom. Voters will make a simple choice with absolutely huge consequences: whether the UK remains in, or leaves the European Union.

Cllr Mark Wright and the Bristol Lib Dems are backing the "Remain" campaign to stay in the EU. Mark says:

"The EU is not perfect - far from it. It is bureaucratic, undemocratic in places, slow to modernise, and keeps trying to grab powers it shouldn't have. But exactly the same can be said of the United Kingdom! And in fact the Scottish Nationalists use exactly this line to argue that Scotland should leave the UK and go it alone. But just as those flaws are not a good enough reason to dismantle the UK rather than reforming it, they are not a good enough reason to dismantle the EU either."

"The future of the world is inevitably of the competing interests of the growing super-giant economies like China, India, America, Russia, and so on. The fact is we are stronger together, and so we need to work closely with like-minded countries to speak with a loud voice and ensure that we don't get pushed around in the future tussles to decide the direction the world's future takes."