9 May 2016 - Mark Wright re-elected in Hotwells and Harbrouside ward!

Dr Mark Wright has been re-elected as the first councillor in the new in Hotwells & Harbrouside ward. Incumbent Mayor George Ferguson was defeated by Labour's Marvin Rees. In addition Labour did well across the city, taking enough seats from the other parties to have an overall majority on the Council for the first time since 2003. Labour are up 7 councillors, Lib Dems down 1, Conservatives down 2, Green Party down 3; and the Lib Dems also took the only UKIP seat on the council.

The H&H result is here.

The full results are here.

Mark says:

I'm honoured to have been re-elected - as the first councillor for the new ward of Hotwells & Harbourside. Thank-you so much to everyone who supported me last week and over the years! My compliments to the other candidates in H&H, who fought good campaigns.

Elsewhere in the former Cabot ward, two new Labour councillors, Kye Dudd and Paul Smith were elected in Central ward; and in Cotham ward, Lib Dem Cllr Anthony Negus was re-elected and new Green Party councillor Cleo Lake elected. Those of you who got used to contacting me over my 11 years as your Cabot councillor, please remember to contact your new councillors now instead - unless you are in H&H ward!

The result is clear and gives Marvin and the Labour Party 4 years to implement their program for the city. I wish them well in what will continue to be a difficult job. I would also like to pay tribute to George Ferguson as Bristol's first elected Mayor. George said from the start that he had a distinctive style and would lead firmly from the front, and he certainly did that. I would have done some things differently, but George built on the Lib Dem foundations in Bristol and I believe he has raised Bristol's profile and taken the city forwards overall.

Across England as a whole, the Lib Dems were the biggest gainers in the council elections. Our recovery from last year's devastating result continues to grow in strength - #LibDemFightback