2 May 2016 - Poole's Wharf to Rownham Mead bridge to be closed for repairs

The turquoise footbridge connecting Poole's Wharf to Rownham Mead will be closed for 5 months for essential repairs. The bridge is an essential part of the Harbourside route.

Cllr Mark Wright has spoken to the Mayor and the Council about this. The Mayor agrees it is important that this job is done as quickly as possible, and the contractor have assured the Mayor that the bridge will be fixed "enough" for it to be open during the very busy period of Harbour Festival.

The Council has arranged for a diversion route through Poole's Wharf, which will hopefully cause minimum disturbance to residents and will mean that people and cyclists aren't forced all the way up to Hotwells Road and then back down to the quay-side by the Grain Barge.

These bridge repairs are happening now because the Council has only just secured ownership of the bridge - it was previously privately owned and no maintenance had taken place in many years.