Apr 2016 - Cabot eNews

April's edition of Cabot eNews.

In this edition:

1. Progress made on Pavilion community space
2. Local Elections coming soon!
3. Hotwells polling station moved to Create Centre
4. Major water-main works through Cotham
5. Update on Poole's Wharf bridge closure
6. Gaol Ferry Steps to open soon
7. West of England Devolution Deal
8. New campaign to encourage recycling
9. Jacobs Wells Pop up Community Centre
10. Bearpit Event days
11. Metrobus drop-ins 5/6th April
12. Make Sunday Special - Neighbourhood Fund
13. Bristol Big Give returns
14. College Green Conservation Area
15. Services for rough sleepers
16. Spike Island exhibition
17. Park Street Big Issue vendor make national news

1. Progress made on Pavilion community space

I'm pleased to report that the campaign to get the Council to allow The
Pavilion to be used as intended as a community space is starting to bear
fruit! At a public meeting at the end of March, the Council's property
Director indicated that he is willing to give ground on the issue. He
went on to say that the Council would look at the costs involved, with the
aim of trying to allocate some preferential times and rates for community
groups from this summer. I reminded him that the original intention was
the the rental from the restaurant below would aid community uses.

It is community pressure and the growing petition on the cause (now
over 200 signatures!) that is forcing the Council to think again. We
need to keep up the pressure to ensure the Council comes good on this
matter. Please sign the petition now if you haven't already. The petition
is available online: http://tinyurl.com/ourpavilion

2. Local Elections coming soon!

A reminder that on Thursday 5 May there will be local elections in
Bristol for Mayor, 70 councillors, and the Police Commissioner. The
boundary review has carved up my current ward, Cabot, and created two
successor wards in its place: "Central", and "Hotwells & Harbourside"
(H&H). Because I have lived in two different places in H&H ward I have
chosen to stand there.

It's been a real privilege to serve residents of the city-centre for
11 years so far, and I've been humbled by the many messages of support
I've received from residents since announcing that I would carry on and
stand for the new H&H ward. If you want me re-elected and would like to
put up a window poster for me, or if you want to help in any other way,
please get in touch soon!

I have been busy delivering my election address to the new H&H ward for
the last week. If you live in H&H ward and havent received it yet, you can
find it online, here: www.cabot-liberals.org/Cabot/201604_HoH_Election.pdf

3. Hotwells polling station moved to Create Centre

I have been informed at the last minute that the polling station for
people living in the Hotwells part of Hotwells & Harbourside ward has
been moved to the Create Centre in B-Bond, due to access problems at
the original station. This is I think very unfortunate as it is a fair
way from the area it serves, but most importantly getting there is an
unpleasant walk along busy roads and involves crossing those busy roads
without any pedestrian priority crossings.

Residents will have little choice but to cross at the busy junction
of Avon Crescent outside the Nova Scotia Pub. Traffic often takes this
junction at speed, even with the flashing 20mph signs the Council has
recently installed to try to calm traffic there. I have requested that
thought be given to how extra pedestrian protection can be installed
for polling day.

Finally, registering to vote is easier than ever. You can now register
to vote at a central website: www.gov.uk/register-to-vote - hurry up,
there isn't long left now!

4. Major water-main works through Cotham

Bristol Water will soon be starting a £3 million scheme to renovate the
water main that stretches from Victoria Pumping Station on Oakfield Road
in Clifton to Greenbank Cemetery in Easton. From mid-May there will be
rolling road closures following the water-main on the following roads:
starting in Oakfield Road, then West Park, Cotham Hill, Cotham Road,
Clare Road, Victoria Walk, Nine Tree Hill, reaching Ashley/Lower Ashley
Rd by the end of July. Each road will typically be closed for one to
two months, except Cotham Rd and Ashley/Lower Ashley Rd which will be
kept open by temporary traffic light systems. This is likely to be quite
disruptive, so please plan in advance.

5. Update on Poole's Wharf bridge closure

As reported last month, the turquoise footbridge connecting Poole's Wharf
to Rownham Mead will be closed for 5 months for repairs. I have spoken to
the Mayor and the Council about this. The Mayor agrees it's important that
this job is done as quickly as possible, and the contractor have assured
the Mayor that the bridge will be fixed enough for it to be open during
the Harbour Festival. Also, the Council has arranged for a diversion route
through Poole's Wharf, which will hopefully cause minimum disturbance
to residents and will mean that people and cyclists aren't forced all
the way up to Hotwells Road and then back to the harbour. The bridge
repairs are happening now because the Council has only just secured
ownership of the bridge - it was previously privately owned.

6. Gaol Ferry Steps to open soon

The new Gaol Ferry Steps on Wapping Wharf was due to have opened some
months ago. Residents have complained to me about the delays and I
have contacted the developer, Umberslade, about this. Umberslade are
themselves upset about the delays, which are due to poor installation
by contractors. Trip hazards on the steps and other "snagging" issues
have prevented opening, but it is hoped that the steps will be fixed up
to be opened in the next week or so.

On a more positive note, plans for a new food and drink hub made from
recycled shipping containers at the site have been given the green
light. The Cargo scheme will comprise ten converted shipping container
units of varying sizes and will be located between Gaol Ferry Steps and
Museum Square.

7. West of England Devolution Deal

The Chancellor announced details of a West of England (Bristol and Bath
City Region) Devolution Deal during his budget statement. This devolution
deal offers to boost the West of England economy with over £1 billion
worth of investment and bring new opportunities for businesses and
residents. However, the deal requires the non-negotiable acceptance,
by all four councils, of a new "Metro-Mayor" covering the former Avon
area. It remains to be seen whether this is likely to be accepted by all.

This is a tough call for the area. On the one hand, the extra powers and
abilities offered (particularly over transport issues) are desperately
needed; on the other hand another layer of government is not great,
and having two mayors serving over Bristol would be confusing. I think,
on balance, that as this is a "take it or leave it" offer from the
Govt we should probably take it. More details of the deal are here:

8. New campaign to encourage recycling

A new campaign which aims to encourage residents to recycle their food
waste is under way in central Bristol. The campaign will see recycling
vehicles branded with signs that encourage residents to recycle their
left over food. In addition two food waste experts will be talking
with local residents, delivering leaflets and putting 'No Food Waste'
stickers on black wheelie bins as a reminder to residents to use the
brown food waste caddies and boxes. More information on the project

I'm pleased the Council is promoting this, but actually a bigger problem
is the number of central blocks of flats who still have no proper access
to full recycling, and for who this campaign is therefore irrelevant...

9. Jacobs Wells Pop up Community Centre

The Jacobs Wells Community "Hub" are having a community day, 10-4pm
Friday 15th April, at OpenSpace, 1 St Georges Road (under Triodos
Bank). There will be community activities such as baby & toddlers play
zone, craft hub, relaxation, bring & swop shop, etc. More information:

10. Bearpit Event days

The Bearpit Improvement Group and the Council are hosting pop-up community
event days in the Bearpit. There will be markets, art, theatre, music,
poetry, paint jam, children's play, well being, yoga, community garden
planting. Locals are invited to come down for fun and activities, and
chat with BIG and say how you would like to see the space used. Dates:

* Wed 13 Apr 12-4pm
* Thu 14 Apr  3-7pm
* Sat 16 Apr 12-4pm

11. Metrobus drop-ins 5/6th April

The Create Centre is hosting a half-term MetroBus exhibition on April
5th and 6th, 9-5pm. The exhibition will include information more
about MetroBus construction and the refurbishment of Ashton Avenue
Swing Bridge. There will be an opportunity to meet with members of the
construction teams who will be on hand to provide information and answer
your questions/concerns regarding the construction of the bus-way and
bridge refurbishment from 4pm to 7pm on Wed 6th April.

12. Make Sunday Special - Neighbourhood Fund

Make Sunday Special will return this summer with a programme of events
and activities across Bristol. A new fund is open for community groups
to apply for up to £3,000 in funding to support their own Make Sunday
Special events from July. For the first time the schedule of events
will extend beyond the summer, so people are being encouraged to plan
Christmas fairs, Halloween street parties and other winter activities. The
deadline for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 20th April. You can find
all the guidelines for the fund and forms to apply on the website:

13. Bristol Big Give returns

From 27th April the 'Bristol Big Give' campaign will be returning to the
city for the eighth year. The Bristol Big Give is a city-wide collection
and recycling scheme which encourages students to donate their unwanted
items to charity and take responsibility for correctly sorting their
refuse as they start thinking about moving out for the summer. Last
year, the campaign raised awareness of the importance of recycling,
preventing over 72 tonnes of reusable goods from ending up in landfill
sites and raised up to £150k for local and national charities. More
info: www.lovewhereyoulivebristol.co.uk

14. College Green Conservation Area

The College Green Conservation Area Character Appraisal has been
completed. It is available from: http://tinyurl.com/gl38zha

15. Services for rough sleepers

Compass Centre and Outreach services have changed in order to improve
support for rough sleepers. If you become aware that someone is
sleeping rough, please report that to them. If a new referral, via
www.streetlink.org.uk or if following up someone who you think they are
already working with, email BristolSpot@mungos.org

16. Spike Island exhibition

Michael Beutler, "Pump House", 16 April to 19 June. German artist Michael
Beutler presents an ambitious large-scale site-specific commission in
two chapters. The first chapter responds to Spike Island's current use
as a gallery and artists' studio complex, and to its historic use as a
tea packing factory.

17. Park Street Big Issue vendor make national news

Jack Richardson, a Big Issue vendor on Park Street, made
national news when he proposed at his pitch to a woman
he had asked for money two years previously. A very happy
ending! www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-35843306

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Best wishes,

Cllr Mark Wright

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