Post Office Closures

This motion against the closure of local Post Offices was put to Council Jan 15th 2008 by Cllr Tim Kent and Seconded by Cllr Mark Wright and was PASSED.

The Motion

This Council believes that Bristol people value the role of local Post Offices in their community and do not wish to see the closure of any more Post Offices in the City.

This Council notes with concern that:

This Council resolves to:

  1. Oppose to the Government's Post Office closure programme and respond to the consultation accordingly.
  2. Ask the Chief Executive to investigate ways that this Council can provide services for Bristol people via the network of local Post Offices.
  3. Lobby to increase the opening hours of local sorting offices to provide an evening collection for missed parcels or packages.
  4. Call on our five MPs to lobby the Government to save the Post Office and to report back to this Council on their actions.
  5. To increase the viability of the Post Office network this Council calls on the Government to: